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Cambodia - Laos - Boloven

Nơi khởi hành: Ho Chi Minh City
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4 days 3 nights
Khởi hành: Every Thursday
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Hotline hỗ trợ khách hàng 24/7: (+84) 2866 727 737|0982 172 890|0979 494 882
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Tham quan cửa khẩu quốc tế Trapeang Sre - Nơi giao thoa văn hoá giữa Lào,  Việt Nam và Campuchia

Khone Phapheng Falls (Don Khong, Lào) - Đánh giá - Tripadvisor


04:00: Car and tour guide pick up guests at the meeting point. Depart for Laos by Hoa Lu border gate (Binh Phuoc).

Morning: Have breakfast in Binh Phuoc. Continue along Highway 13 to the Hoa Lu border gate to complete exit procedures from Vietnam and enter Cambodia through Treapeng Sre Border Gate.

Noon: Arrive at Stung Treng for lunch, then continue to depart for Pakse Laos - the third largest city in Laos.

Afternoon: Arrive in Laos, you visit:

+ Khone Phapheng Waterfall: The largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. Then the hotel to rest.

Evening: Have dinner. Free to walk around the central street next to the Mekong River and enjoy Lao specialties: sticky rice, grilled meat, grilled fish, Lap (papaya salad)…


TAD FANE RESORT (Paksong) - Đánh giá Khu nghỉ dưỡng - Tripadvisor

Cao nguyên Bolaven – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Morning: Guests will have breakfast at the hotel before checking out and departing for the following destinations:

+ Bolaven Plateau: Renowned for its stunning landscapes, ethnic villages, and traditional coffee farms. The plateau's elevation ranges from 1,000 to 1,350 meters above sea level.

+ Tad Fane - Nai Waterfall (Paksong), Tad Yuang Waterfall (Paksong), and Tad Lo: Some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Southeast Asia.

Noon: The group will have lunch in Paksong, enjoying traditional Lao dishes that are characteristic of the Bolaven Plateau. Afterward, the group will move to Thateng Farm to visit:

+ Thateng Lake: Explore the zoo, horseback riding, Zipline activities, and boating. Additionally, this area is known for cultivating a variety of crops similar to those found in Dalat, Vietnam.

Evening: The group will check into the Paksong Resort/Hotel in the Paksong area for relaxation and dinner at the resort.


Wat Phou – Di sản thế giới cổ kính nổi tiếng ở Nam Lào

Cambodia - Laos - Northeast Thailand – CÔNG TY TNHH TRAVEL TRACKS

Morning: The group will have breakfast at the hotel before checking out and the vehicle will take them to visit:

+ Wat Phou: The oldest temple in Laos, once the center of the Hindu religion and dedicated to the god Shiva. In 2001, Wat Phou was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Noon: Arrive at a restaurant for lunch. They will also stop by to shop for Lao specialties at:

Dao Hueng Market.

+ Wat Luang Temple: One of the most beautiful temples in Pakse. This vibrant temple offers Buddhist courses for monks.

+ Don Kho Village: Visit the Wat Chom Phet monument, which has become an iconic symbol of Pakse, showcasing the rich heritage of Buddhism in Champasak.

+ Phusalau Mountain: To enjoy the sunset and take in the panoramic view of Pakse City from above.

Evening: The group will have dinner and have free time to explore Pakse City at night.



Morning: After breakfast, the group will check out of the hotel and depart back to Cambodia. They will arrive at the Domcrolo & Vuenkham border checkpoint to complete the immigration procedures for exiting Laos and entering Cambodia. This marks the end of the journey.

*** Order of attractions is subject to change depending on actual circumstances***




  • The car goes directly from Vietnam to Cambodia, Laos. Go to Thailand to change Thai car


  • Hotel 3-4 * international standard standard 2 guests/room
  • Room 3 will be arranged when there are male or female guests.


  • Meals according to the program

 Tour guide

  • Vietnamese and local guides support throughout the route.


  • Travel insurance with a maximum compensation of 200.000.000VND/pax (for guests having problems during the tour, insurance does not cover expenses due to pre-existing medical conditions and previous accidents of guests).

 Entrance fee

  • Entrance fee 01 times according to the program


  • Travel gifts


  • The passport is valid for at least 6 months (up to the date of return to Vietnam).
  • Single supplement
  • Expenses for rescheduling, changing itinerary (change leg), upgrading airfare, and excess baggage
  • Activities not in the schedule or OPTIONAL activities in the schedule

 -    Visa fee for foreigners or overseas Vietnamese (depending on nationality).

+ Laos Visa: 65 USD/time entry

+ Visa Cambodia: 40 USD/entry

+ Visa Thailand: Depending on nationality, Visa exemption or Visa fee is charged.

+ Visa to re-enter Vietnam: Single 35 USD/in 7 days)

  • Other personal expenses: Sim card, laundry, shopping, drinking 200,000.000VND
  •  expenses not included in the inclusions.
  • VAT
  • Personal costs & tips 4 USD/PERSON/DAY


Children (From 11 years old)

100% of Adult

Children (From 5 - 10 years old)

75% of Adults (Sleeping with parents)

Children (From 2 - 4 years old)

30% of Adults (Sleeping with parents)

Children (Under 2 years old)

Parents are responsible for the expenses incurred for the child


  • Please deposit 50% of the TOUR PRICE as soon as you register for the tour

+ Pay the rest before the departure date 07 working days.

  • Please bring your Passport (original) and provide complete and accurate personal information: Full name according to passport, Passport number, phone number, and contact address...
  • Two forms of payment:

- Cash: You come to deposit/ pay in cash directly at the Company's Office (no branch):


Address: 156 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh

- Bank transfer: You deposit/ pay by bank transfer to the Company's bank account:

Account name: TRAVEL TRACKS CO., LTD

ID: 18888.48888

ACB Bank


  • If you cancel the tour, you will pay the tour cancellation fees; Cancellation of air tickets, and Visa (if any)
  • Tour cancellation with the company must be notified directly, by email and must be confirmed by TRAVEL TRACKS. Cancellation by phone is not approved.
  • The dates below are only calculated according to working days (Excluding Saturday, Sunday, and New Year).
  • You will bear the cancellation fee according to the terms below:


Tour cancellation fee

After registration

100% deposit (+ taxes and fees if any)

15 days before departure

75% of total tour (+ taxes and fees if any)

After the above time

100% of total tour (+taxes and fees if any)



  • Due to the nature of the group, the company will be responsible for accepting guests for enough groups (from 10 adult guests or more), and the group will depart on schedule. If the number of groups is less than 10 guests, the company will notify the guest 5 days before the departure date and will re-negotiate a new departure date, cancellations the entire amount to the previously registered guest. , If you still want to depart on the same day, the company will pair up with some other partners to start the tour according to the date you have registered.
  • Do not accept pregnant guests from 05 months or more to join foreign tours for the safety of customers (guests who register for the tour are responsible for informing the staff when a family member is pregnant, the company will not be responsible when the guest does not notify).
  • In case you are not allowed to leave and enter the country for personal reasons (photos, information in the original documents are blurred, unclear, passport expired, not by regulations...) The company will not bear the responsibility. responsible and will not refund the tour. HDV will support and find the best solution for you, all costs incurred by the customer
  • The company will not be responsible for securing the attractions, compensating for expenses incurred in the event of natural disasters: floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes, terrorism, demonstrations, etc. aviation: technical problems, security, moving, canceling, delaying or changing flight time... Damage due to delay of crew members.
  • Passport must be valid for more than 6 months by the end of the tour, the information in the key must be clear and accurate (name, date, month, year of birth, passport number...), and Make sure the page number is complete, not torn, patched, erased, has stains, blurred information or other problems...
  • Guests who only carry a green card (temporary residence card abroad) and do not have a valid Vietnamese passport will not register in a third country.
  • Children under 16 years old who have their passports and are accompanied by their biological father or mother must bring a birth certificate. In case of traveling with relatives who are not biological parents, in addition to the birth certificate, it must be accompanied by a Power of Attorney signed by the parents, agreeing to let the relative take the child abroad for tourism and certified by the local auth The passports is a pure group tour, to ensure the safety and interests of customers, you are not allowed to separate the group during the tour if you intend to separate, please notify the staff at Register for a tour to arrange (when separating the group, any problems that occur with you, the company will not be responsible).
  • Before registering for the tour, please read carefully the program, and tour price, included and not included in the program. In case you do not directly register for the tour, but someone else comes to register, please carefully learn the program from the person who registered for you.
  • Customers aged 75 and over require a certificate of total health to travel abroad from a doctor and must have relatives under 60 years old (total health) to accompany them.

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