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Refund & cancellation policies

The Refund and Cancellation policies of TRAVEL TRACKS CO., LTD is implemented with utmost seriousness and transparent clarity, aiming to ensure customer satisfaction in the face of any undesirable occurrences.


Any issues arising between the company and its customers that lead to the inability to continue the service will be resolved with the best policy for both parties. However, our commitment is to provide the best service to customers and establish a lifelong relationship with them.

1. Cancellation and Cancellation Fees – Cases where the trip is canceled by the company:

- If the company cannot execute the trip, the company will promptly inform the customer and refund the payment made by the customer within seven days from the date of cancellation notice, either in cash or via bank transfer.

- The company will also bear all costs for the services that have been pre-booked for the group, such as hotel deposits, restaurant and transportation reservations, and boat bookings.

2. Cases where the trip is canceled by the customer:

Prior to the departure date, if any member of the customer's group cannot participate in the trip for any reason, the customer must notify the company immediately and bear the cancellation costs as follows:

- Cancellation before 7 days: 30% of the total value of the tour program

- Cancellation from 3 to 6 days: 50% of the total value of the tour program

- Cancellation within 48 hours: 100% of the total value of the tour program

Cancellation must be communicated directly to the company via written communication, email, or Zalo and must be confirmed by the company. Cancellations made by phone will not be accepted.

 No refund for customers who abandon the tour midway.



  • Half-day to 1-day tours:

100% payment after booking the tour (1 day prior to the departure date)

  • 2 to 3-day tours:

50% deposit after registering for the tour (3-5 days before the departure date)

Remaining 50% on the morning of the departure date

  • 4 days and more:

50% deposit after registering for the tour (5-7 days before the departure date)

Remaining 50% on the morning of the departure date

FOR PRIVATE TOURS (As agreed in the signed contract between the two parties)

Generally, customers will pay 50% after signing the contract, and the remaining amount on the last day of the tour.


  • If customers transfer funds within the same banking system as ours, the transfer will be processed even on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • If customers transfer funds from a different banking system, the transfer date must be a working day of that bank. Payment will be considered complete when we receive a successful transfer notification from the bank.
  • For tours including flight/train tickets, customers are required to pay 100% of the air/train fare and a 50% deposit for the tour as mentioned above.

- Delayed payments will result in automatic cancellation of the customer's tour registration and forfeiture of the deposit (for individual customers), or resolution according to the signed contract (for group customers).

  • After successful payment, we will send a confirmation receipt and payment invoice to our office at 156 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, if customers pay directly, or via email if customers transfer funds. encourages and welcomes customers who register for tours one or two months (or more) in advance to complete the payment before the specified time. This allows us to better prepare for the tour program, tour content, and other services to serve customers in the best way possible.


1. Personal Documents:

- Identity Card

- Passport (for overseas or foreign guests)

- Birth certificates for babies

- Two photos (3x4) for tours requiring entry permits

2. Luggage:

- Travel light.

- Customers must manage their personal belongings throughout the tour.

- The company is not responsible for loss, damage, or any personal belongings of customers.

3. Special Requests During the Trip:

- Special requests must be communicated to the company when registering, and the company will try to accommodate within its capacity. However, the company will not be responsible for any service refusal from independent transportation providers, hotels, restaurants, and other independent service providers.

- Customers are responsible for all costs related to special requests during the trip, routes, and destinations beyond the tour program.

4. After-Trip Service Requests:

- If customers wish to review provided services upon returning from the trip, they must submit relevant information within 30 days after the end of the tour. This will facilitate prompt processing.

- To provide quick feedback, customers are requested to complete the quality evaluation form sent by the company and return it to the tour guide before the tour concludes.

5. Responsibilities:

- On the company's part: Prepare all services for customers as offered in the tour program, including any special requests (if applicable), and strictly follow the sold tour itinerary.

- On the customer's part: Submit or transfer payments as required. During the tour, customers must adhere to the program and not break away from the group without authorization. Any changes must be communicated to the tour leader and the company's tour guide.

- In cases where the services included in the tour program cannot be provided or there are changes to the itinerary due to unforeseeable reasons (such as war, natural disasters, or strikes...), beyond the company's control, any resulting costs will be borne by the customer. For other exceptional cases, the company will fully reimburse the expenses to the customer.

- The company reserves the right to alter the itinerary or cancel the travel trip at any time when deemed necessary for the convenience or safety of the customers.

Customers will be eligible for refunds from the company under the following circumstances:

  • When is unable to meet the specified service requirements due to factors such as peak demand periods, natural disasters, storms, travel bans, or external circumstances beyond the control of both parties.
  • When breaches the contract signed between the two parties.
  • When customers have made payments, but fails to deliver services or products within the stipulated timeframe without justifiable reasons.

Customers will not be eligible for refunds from under the following circumstances:

  • Customers unilaterally terminate the contract or discontinue the tour without justifiable reasons.
  • Customers violate the principles outlined in the mutually agreed contract between both parties.
  • No refunds will be provided for services if customers abandon the tour midway without genuine external reasons or due to subjective health conditions.

(*) Customer Responsibilities:

Customers bear the responsibility for their health and chronic illnesses (heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes, joint issues, etc.), congenital diseases, latent illnesses, HIV/AIDS, mental disorders, neurological disorders, and pregnancy-related conditions. These illnesses are not covered by insurance. When necessary, customers must provide a written commitment regarding their medical condition when participating in the tour. The organizing party of the tour is not accountable for cases where customers fail to disclose illnesses, provide inaccurate information, or situations that fall outside the scope of travel insurance coverage during the tour.

Customers must personally manage their personal belongings at all times and in all places during the journey. The organizing party of the tour does not assume responsibility for any financial losses, valuable possessions, flight tickets, or personal property of the customers during the journey.

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