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Terms and regulations


1. will provide customers with free travel information.
2. Customers can register for travel services directly at the company's office, via email, or text messages. In cases where customers cannot register in person, they should thoroughly understand the program from the person registering on their behalf. Customers will confirm the specific travel program through a contract.
3. Special requests must be communicated at the time of registration, and will strive to accommodate these needs within its capabilities.
4. Customers may incur additional fees for specific requests in each particular case, depending on the quotes provided by relevant service providers.

Customers under 18 traveling abroad must be accompanied by parents, or if authorized, must have a power of attorney from parents (confirmed locally on the power of attorney).
Customers aged 65 and above traveling abroad must sign a health commitment for the trip.
Customers aged 70 - under 75 require a health confirmation from a doctor + a health commitment with the company (requires a relative under 60, in good health, to accompany).
Pregnant customers should inform the tour sales staff at the time of registration. Note that a doctor's opinion is required before the tour. Customers are responsible for their health and the fetus during the entire travel program.
5. To register for travel, customers need to provide the original: ID card, Passport (when traveling abroad) valid for 6 months for visa-exempt countries, or a passport with less than 6 months validity but with a valid visa for entry into the destination country (either valid according to Vietnamese law or the destination country's law). For some countries, customers may need to prepare additional documents for visa application, following the requirements of consulates/embassies.


1. The price of the tour program is guaranteed within the contract period.
2. The price includes details for each specific program.
3. Tour prices may increase during Christmas, New Year, Vietnamese Tet holidays, April 30th, and September 2nd, or due to objective factors from external service providers (increased prices for airfares, trains, buses, etc.). is responsible for specific notification of price changes for each program.
4. Prices for children (without an additional bed):

Based on the age of children: according to the birthdate on the passport/birth certificate and the end date of the tour/service usage. Children may be classified differently based on age, height, etc., according to the regulations of transport service providers, attractions, accommodation.
Pricing regulations for children apply to each specific tour program. There may be no charge for children using high-speed trains, subways, cheap airfares, etc. Customers are advised to check the details in the individual contract.
According to regulations, there will be no additional charge for a separate bed for children. If children want to sleep in a separate bed or room, it must be confirmed at the time of booking for Vietrantour to reserve the room according to demand, and additional fees will be charged if applicable.


Customers can transfer money or pay in cash directly at...
The deposit/total payment amount depends on each tour program, and the staff will inform customers during discussions.


1. In case the trip is canceled by, customers will be informed immediately, and the entire amount paid by customers will be refunded, or an alternative tour program will be arranged (please refer to the detailed terms in the contract for individual customers).
2. In case the trip is canceled by customers
Before the departure date, if customers cannot participate in the trip for any reason, they must inform directly in writing or send information via email, text message from the registered phone number in the contract.


Cancellation after the deposit has been made will not be refunded. If customers have paid the full tour amount, they will be refunded the difference between the total amount and the deposit required according to the regulations.
For customers who have paid the full tour amount but have additional cancellation requests, depending on the cancellation timing, will refund the tour amount if there is a difference. The refund amount will be detailed in the contract terms signed by the customer with the company.


1. is not legally responsible for civil, economic, or service quality issues according to agreements due to unforeseen obstacles, force majeure events that were not foreseen or could not be overcome, such as natural disasters, fires, epidemics, flight delays due to weather or technical reasons, traffic congestion, technical issues with public transportation, strikes, protests, wars, terrorism, or unilateral decisions by authorized agencies, and not limited to other objective cases...

If the group has not yet departed, has the right to unilaterally cancel or change the departure date to ensure the safety of people and property for customers. 1/3 of the fees already paid to service providers will be assisted by for customers.
If the group has already departed, will assist and advise according to the conditions and actual developments of the encountered obstacles to ensure the safety of people and property for customers. For the actual expenses incurred for accommodation, meals, transportation, and other additional

 expenses, customers will pay directly to service providers.

2. does not accept complaints after the end of the tour program for subjective reasons of customers, such as not liking the schedule, accommodations, food, traffic, or other services provided.

3. is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal property for customers during the travel program. Customers are responsible for their belongings and are advised not to leave valuables in the hotel room or public areas.


Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement will be settled by negotiation. If the parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation, the dispute will be resolved through arbitration at the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) in accordance with its rules.

The above terms are for reference purposes only. For detailed terms, customers are required to read and understand the travel contract provided by before confirming their participation in the tour program. reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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