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Preferences policies

Purpose and scope of collection.

The collection of data is mainly done on the website includes: email, phone, customer address (member)... These are the details that Travel Tracks requires members to provide when sending contact information to Travel Trucks in order to receive support and consultation information about Travel Traction services.

Members are responsible for the confidentiality and storage of their contact information and e-mail boxes. In addition, it is the member's responsibility to promptly notify the website the acts of unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, and retention of a third-party registration name and password to take appropriate measures.

Scope of the use of information

The Company uses member information provided to:

  • To provide information about the product to the customer if there is a request from the customer;
  • Sending email marketing and promotions about products and services;
  • Sending notifications about the activities of the website,;
  • Communicate and deal with users in special circumstances;
  • Do not use the user’s personal information other than for confirmation and contact purposes related to the transaction at

When there is a request from the judicial authority, including the Inspectorate, the court, and the civil security agency, they investigate the violation of the law by the client.

The member’s personal data will be stored until a request for cancellation is made. In any case, the personal information of the member will be secured on the servers of


Address: 156 Hoàng Văn Thu, District 9, Phu Nhun District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: (+84) 2866 727 737; Email:

Members have to adjust personal information by contacting the Administration of the website, Upon receipt of these requests, will confirm the information and support customers at the earliest possible time. 

The personal information of the members on is committed to absolute confidentiality in accordance with the policy of personal information protection of The collection and use of information about each member is only carried out with the consent of that customer, except in cases otherwise provided by law. 

Do not use, transfer, provide, or disclose to any third party any member’s personal information without the member's consent. 

In the event that the information storage server is attacked by a hacker, resulting in the loss of personal data of the member, will be responsible for notifying the investigative authority of the incident to process it in a timely manner and notify the member. 

Absolute confidentiality of all online transaction information of members, including bill information and digital accounting documents on

The management board of requires individuals, when registering or purchasing as Members, to provide full relevant personal information such as name, contact address, email, people's identification number, phone number, account number, payment card number, etc. and is responsible for the legal nature of the above information. The management of is not responsible for and does not resolve all complaints related to the interests of such a member if it considers that all personal information provided by that member at the time of initial registration is inaccurate.

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