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Booking policies


First of all, Travel Tracks Co., Ltd. would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers for supporting and accompanying us during the past time. For the service to be fulfilled, please note the following information during the tour booking process. You can follow one of 3 ways below:

1. Tour booking: After consulting the tour programs organized by Travel Tracks, to book a tour at, you can do it in 1 of the following 3 ways:

Option 1: Register to leave a phone number on the web or leave information in the Person in charge box corresponding to each tour program.

Option 2: directly contact (+84) 2866 727 737 - 0982 172 890 - 0979 494 882 to book tours and get advice faster.

Option 3: at the office 156 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. 

2. Confirmation:

The tour booking process should be done as follows:

Time of service:

Guests can arrange and book services as soon as possible. This will ensure the best travel for the guests. Especially on holidays, such as New Year's Eve or the peak season in the summer months, customers need to register early as they intend to travel so that the preparation for the tour is more complete.

Travel Tracks Ltd. will confirm the customer's registration program in writing through direct registration or e-mail accompanied by the specific program, specifying the technical details that can meet the client's needs and indicating the requirements that cannot be fulfilled. The customer receiving a travel ticket (individual) or requesting the signing of a contract accompanied by the final arrangement program (guest team) will be considered a commitment to the agreement between the parties.

All travel information and advice are provided completely free of charge.

Within 24 hours, the customer service staff of will contact you to confirm, process, and complete the ordering procedures. If there is no response, please call the hotline at (+84) 2866 727 737, 0982 172 890, or 0979 494 882. The sales consultant will review the customer’s information before signing a formal contract. Any misinformation resulting in misnaming when issuing airline tickets, visas, etc. coming from Travel Tracks customers will not be responsible for the damages incurred

After completing the booking of the tour at, we will send an email confirmation of the successful booking and a detailed tour itinerary to your mailbox.

3. Price and Payment Policy:

To complete the tour booking process, you need to complete the payment procedure. Guests can choose one of the following forms:

  • Direct cash payment at the office at 156 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Payment by credit card or online purchases is easy, so Travel Tracks accepts payments by credit cards worldwide, according to the following information:
  • Number of accounts: 1888848888
  • Company Name: Travel Track Company Limited
  • A Chau Bank (ACB)
  • Thanks to local collection support (home or work office), there will be receipts or invoices on request for customers.

Payment is deemed to be completed when Travel Tracks receives sufficient funds 10 working days before departure for the Visa Waiver Tour Program and 30 to 45 working days before the Visit Waiver Program, or as agreed between the parties. Any delay in payment will result in the automatic cancellation of the travel program (individual) and settlement under the signed contract (guest). The payment will be completed after the signing of the formal contract so that it can be more successful.

The price of the tour program is calculated in RMB and USD. The prices of the tours are specified in the price list for each program or according to service requirements for each customer and are valid for specified periods.

Changes in the tour program immediately before the departure date or during the tour as requested by the guest are met and re-notified based on the agreement between the customer and the tour sales staff.

The amounts included and not included in the tour price will be notified to the customer on the program leaflets (individual) and the contract (group). Tour prices only include those listed in the "Included" section of the tour program; Travel Tracks is not obliged to pay any expenses outside of the "Included".

Note: Foreign tour prices usually have two contents: tour prices and air taxes.

  • Tour prices may change at the time of payment.
  • "Aviation taxes" include air insurance, airport taxes, gasoline surcharges, etc. These are fees that Travel Tracks collects for airlines. This fee usually varies (increases or decreases depending on the world’s gasoline prices) at the time of the flight ticket (from 3 to 5 days before the departure date). Travel Tracks will charge the actual price on the customer’s second payment.
  • The tour price will increase according to the company's regulations on the occasion of the Feast of the New Year.

 4. Policies for children

- Minors under 14 years of age participating in the trip must be accompanied by an adult on departure.

- Prices for children:

  • Children under 2 years of age: 30% of the price for adults (shared bed with adults).
  • Children from 6 to 11 years old: 80% of the adult ticket price (sleeping with an adult, a separate meal)
  • Children over 11 years old: Adult ticket price

- Customers with children accompanying them, please remind them to be careful, always follow them closely when climbing mountains, bathing, or boating, and pay attention to monitoring them when they play to avoid getting lost.

5. Rules and policy of refund in case of cancellation or change of tour:

To cancel or change the tour you have booked, please bring your CMND, passport, contract, invoice, futures, or mandate paid to the company's office to do the cancellation procedure. We will solve the issues in writing and with the confirmation of both parties. The company does not accept visitors who cancel the tour by phone.

Cancellation and change of tour:

  • Travel Tracks does not accept requests for cancellation of services by phone.
  • Travel Tracks is not responsible for any request for cancellation of service not received and not confirmed to you.
  • In this case, a cancellation fee or canceled tour will apply. Cancellation charges will be set for each tour separately.

Conditions for cancellation of service: 

Flights canceled due to Travel Tracks:

  • If Travel Tracks fails to carry out the trip, we will immediately notify the customer and refund the paid cash or transfers to the customer within three days of the notice of cancellation.
  • Travel Tracks will bear all the costs of services that we have booked in advance for the group, such as hotel services, restaurants, vehicles, boats, etc.

If the trip is canceled by the customer:

  • Before the departure date, if a member of the customer's crew for any reason cannot attend the trip, the customer must immediately notify Travel Tracks and bear the following cancellation costs:
  • If the customer reports a delay, cancellations made immediately after registration for the program will be fined 25% of the total tour price.
  • If the customer delays, cancellations within 15–8 days from the departure date will be fined 50% of the total tour price.
  • If the customer delays or cancels less than 7 days before the departure date, they will be fined 100% of the total tour price.
  • Cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to Travel Tracks by written email or fax and must be confirmed by Travel Tracks. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted.
  • There is no refund for customers who missed the mid-term travel program.

6. Other rules and recommendations for customers

The personal papers

  • The original passport is valid for 6 months (with the signature of the passport holder). If you have an old passport, please submit it to the company.
  • Picture 4 x 6 (white background font, new, not more than 3 months): 3 sheets.
  • Tagged + ID 
  • Fill out the full information on the visa information form and sign it.

Special requirements after the trip.

- Your special requirements must be notified to Travel Tracks immediately at the time of registration. Travel Tracks will try to meet these requirements as far as it can but will not be responsible for any refusal to provide services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, or other independent service providers.

- Customers will have to pay for all special requirements during the trip, including routes and attractions outside of the program.

Customer service after the trip.

At the end of the tour, customers who want to request a review of the services offered or have feedback about the services on the tour should reply with the information related to those services and send it to Travel Tracks within 15 days after the trip ends. This will help Travel Tracks conduct timely reviews and respond to customers as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, for the quickest feedback, please fill in customer comments in the "Voting", Customers can request to get the ticket from the tour guide, and please send it back to the Travel Tracks Guide immediately before the end of the tour.

The hotel

Hotels booked by Travel Tracks for tour programs have a standard corresponding to the ticket prices chosen by guests when signing up for travel. If changes are necessary for any reason, the replacement hotel will be equivalent to the original hotel standard and will be notified to the traveler before departure. Special requirements, if notified in advance to Travel Tracks, will be met depending on the possibility of the hotel, and the customer will pay extra for these requirements (if any). Travel Tracks reserves the right not to meet these requirements if the hotel refuses to provide services.

The transportation:

  • Transportation depends on each travel program.
  • With the program of travel by car, Cold motorcycles (7, 16, 29, 35, 45 seats) will be arranged by Travel Tracks according to the number of guests each group serves throughout the tour program.
  • With the program of travel by train and air (public transport), Travel Tracks reserves the right to change the time of departure according to the requirements of the providers. This change will be notified to customers by Travel Tracks if time allows. Travel Tracks shall not be liable for compensation or liability for material and mental damages caused by delays in the departure hours of public transportation or delays due to the passengers themselves. Travel tracking only helps reduce losses for passengers.

The baggage.

- Very light baggage.

- Travel Tracks is not responsible for the loss or damage to luggage or any objects of travelers during the trip; the traveler preserves his or her baggage.

- If a customer loses or loses luggage, Travel Tracks will help passengers communicate and report it to the relevant departments to track down lost or lost baggage.

The travel insurance

  • The tour price includes travel insurance. The compensation (if any) will be carried out by the insurance unit by the travel insurance regulations.
  • If the customer needs additional insurance on health, life, or property, the customer must register in advance and pay the additional amount depending on the amount of insurance that the customer wishes for Travel Tracks at least 3 days before the departure date.

7. Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties

On the company side:

Prepare all services that will be provided to customers in the travel program, including the special requirements of guests (if any). Conduct sales according to the program of visits announced to customers.

If the services included in the travel program are not provided or changes in the itinerary due to irresistible reasons (war, natural disasters such as storms, strong winds, fog, fire, etc.) are outside the control of Travel Tracks, the costs incurred by the customer will be borne. In other exceptional cases, Travel Tracks will fully pay the cost to the customer.

Travel Tracks reserves the right to change the itinerary or cancel the trip at any time that Travel Tracks considers necessary to ensure convenience or safety for customers.

On the client’s side:

The customer must pay or transfer the money in full and on time, as requested. During the trip, travelers must comply with the program and not dissociate themselves. If there is a change request, you must notify the head of the crew and travel guide, Travel Tracks.

In terms of documents, customers must carry full identity documents when traveling, such as ID cards, passports, and birth certificates (for children). For Vietnamese visitors, when using a passport, they must bring full visas and re-export papers to Vietnam. In the case of passengers accompanying children under the age of 15 (not intestines) on the trip, they must bring a document of parental authorization confirmed by the local authority.

Passengers over 70 years of age must be accompanied by a relative or have family commitment papers and health insurance.

During the trip, the customer must comply with the program, not separate from the company. If a change is requested, the customer must notify the Guide or Travel Tracks operator.

Distribution of rights and responsibilities between the two parties:

In compliance with the laws and regulations of the tourist country, Travel Tracks is not liable for the legal or personal property of the customer during the tour. If the customer violates the laws or regulations of the country of residence, the customer is responsible for paying all costs incurred as a result of the breach. Travel Tracks is solely responsible for assisting the customer in this case to minimize the damage to the customer.

During the implementation process, if a dispute arises, it will be settled through negotiations between the two parties. If the negotiation fails, the case will be brought to court by the provisions of the applicable law. All related costs will be paid by the losing party.


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